SIA stewardess hugs & consoles jilted girl on 18-hour flight from S'pore to New York

Going above and beyond (pun intended).

Fiona Tan | April 29, 2022, 07:28 PM

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A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight stewardess went above and beyond by hugging and consoling a brokenhearted female passenger recently.

SIA flight stewardess consoled crying female passenger

The flight stewardess' act of kindness was captured in a six-second video and uploaded onto TikTok by 22-year-old Misa (@misatls).

In the footage, Misa can be seen hugging a flight stewardess who donned a blue sarong kebaya while crying her heart out after an unexpected break up.

For those who are unfamiliar, SIA's signature sarong kebaya comes in four colours, each representing the seniority and rank of the stewardess.

A blue sarong kebaya therefore suggested that the SIA crew in the TikTok video was a flight stewardess.

In the video, Misa was sobbing and her face was flushed as she embraced the flight stewardess' mid-torso with a piece of tissue clutched in her hand, presumably to wipe her tears.

via Misa's TiKTok video.

Other SIA crew came to her rescue

Speaking to Mothership, Misa said she had lost her cool just as the plane was about to take off and had requested a tissue.

This was when the flight stewardess noticed that Misa was visibly upset and went over to her and gave her a hug.

She also gave Misa a teddy bear by the end of the flight.

Image screenshot from video courtesy of Misa.

Besides the flight stewardess, Misa said two other SIA air crew checked in on her constantly throughout the flight and asked her if she was feeling better several times.

They also tried to cheer her up and make sure that she was comfortable by serving her refreshments.

While the SIA air crew were unaware of what exactly led to Misa's breakdown in the plane, Misa said their attentiveness and stellar service made the 18-hour flight "somewhat more bearable".

Time heals all wounds, or maybe New York will

Misa shared that the boy she was seeing had dumped and abandoned her just mere moments before she boarded the 18-hour flight from Singapore to New York.

The pair had been going out for awhile before he decided to drop the ball at the very last minute, and at a "terrible timing".

"He decided to end things when I told him I was boarding [the plane]," said Misa, who added that the guy blocked her shortly after ending things.

Misa's video has since garnered a whopping 8.6million views on TikTok, and she made light of the situation with a subsequent comment despite her predicament.

Wanting to capture the hilarity of the moment, she said: "I recorded this because when she came to hug me, I thought it was kinda funny and I wanted to look back on it. Chill out, it's not that deep."

You can watch her TikTok video below.

@misatlsthank you singapore airlines you rly are the best airline♬ Be A Clown - Gita

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Top image screenshot from @misatls/TikTok and from @mi.satan/Instagram