Trolley rolls down Sheng Siong supermarket travelator hitting at least 2 people from behind

That hurt.

Belmont Lay | April 20, 2022, 03:50 AM

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An unattended trolley was seen in a surveillance video footage rolling down a travelator in what appeared to be a Sheng Siong supermarket in Singapore and running over at least two people from behind.

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The short clip, a video recording of the in-store surveillance footage, was uploaded on TikTok on April 19.

What video showed

The runaway trolley that rolled down the travellator appeared to be holding flattened cardboard boxes in it.

It could be seen following closely behind a woman who had just stepped onto the travelator.

She appeared unaware that she would be run over from behind within seconds.

The woman was barely one-third of her way on the travelator going down one floor when the unattended trolley picked up speed.

As seen in the video, the trolley hit the right side of her body from behind, grazing her right arm and leg in the process, as she fell down.

After the woman was hit, she was sprawled face down on the ground and appeared too shocked to move.

Staff chased after trolley to no avail

Two supermarket staff who appeared to be dressed in Sheng Siong uniform could be seen chasing after the runaway trolley as it proceeded down the travelator.

The first staff running down the travelator could be seen running past the fallen woman, who stayed down.

But the first staff was nowhere near the other user on the travelator approaching the end of the ride, and could only watch as that person also got run over by the trolley.

The second staff, a man, appeared to have tried to stop the travelator by hitting the emergency stop button on the side.

Two other people riding the travelator in the opposite direction could only watch.

The video then cut off promptly, leaving viewers unclear if more than two people got hit in total.

The timestamp in the video showed the incident took place in late February 2022 in the afternoon.


Commenters of the video expressed shock at the force of the impact, with many sympathising with the second person who got run over near the bottom of the ride.

Some of those who commented said they recognised the Sheng Siong outlet as the one at Block 105 Canberra Street.

Others were shocked as to why the first Sheng Siong staff who ran down the travelator did not stop to assist the fallen woman and proceeded to chase after the trolley.

Other commenters explained that the staff was trying her best to stop the trolley and not to save it.

This was to prevent it from hitting the other person at the bottom of the ride, who likely bore the full brunt of the impact given the trolley's momentum after it had picked up speed having rolled down the entire length of the travelator.

Sheng Siong's response

In response to Mothership's queries, Sheng Siong said via its spokesperson:

The incident took place at our Canberra 105 store in February 2022. Our store personnel had immediately apologised and extended assistance to the two customers. The health and safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us. We will learn from the incident and take necessary measures to prevent such incidents.