Young man throws tray at Sengkang coffee shop hawker, hawker hits him repeatedly with ladle

You get what you give.

Ashley Tan | April 25, 2022, 12:15 PM

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An argument broke out between a hawker and a customer at a Sengkang coffee shop on Apr. 24, leading to items being thrown and some blows exchanged.

Whacked by a ladle

A video of the aftermath of the incident first circulated on social media on April 24, showing the hawker and a woman locked in a standoff.

Social media users had apparently criticised the hawker, which led one person to share CCTV footage to Facebook of what allegedly occurred before the verbal altercation.

The video shows a hawker at the Block 455 Sengkang West Avenue coffee shop cooking noodles.

He can be seen engaging a customer in a black shirt in a conversation, which appears to become progressively heated.

As the conversation progresses, he slams the utensil he is using to stir the noodles onto the counter, and the customer can be seen gesturing aggressively, pulling down his mask and pointing at the hawker.

The customer then flips a tray across the counter, sending utensils flying.

The hawker snatches his ladle and steps out of the stall to confront the customer, and starts to repeatedly hit the customer over the head with the ladle.

Other people at the coffee shop can be seen rushing over to intervene.

As the video has no sound, it is uncertain what the pair were arguing about and how the dispute started.

Family defended son and confronted hawker

The video of the incident's aftermath shows a woman, who appears to be the customer's mother, confronting the hawker about hitting her son.

Behind her, a girl can be seen tending to the male customer's face as he stands there silently.

The woman can be heard screaming at the hawker in Hokkien: "Why you beat my child? Why??"

She continues: "You start the fight first, means you're in the wrong, don't talk so much."

Meanwhile, the man filming the situation remarks off-camera in Hokkien: "Clearly it was the [young] man who started the fight first."

Another man wearing black adds: "You whack his head! He will bleed from his head!"

The man filming reiterates: "It was clearly the son who started it, this kind of father and mother also have."

The altercation then ends with the woman asking for the hawker to call his manager, and claiming that she would be calling the police.

A video that has been taken down from social media allegedly shows the customer picking up the ladle the hawker used, and throwing it at the hawker during the confrontation involving his family. The man in black then allegedly turned around and asked him to stop.

Mothership understands from a person who knows the hawker that the police allegedly went down to the coffee shop, and the customer was sent to the hospital for a "check-up".

The hawker was also allegedly brought in to the police station for further investigation.

The person claims that the hawker also regrets his actions.

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Top photo from Denne Chong / FB