Man who secretly filmed daughter, 13, undressing in home bedroom gets 18 weeks' jail & 1 stroke of cane

His wife said she found about 155 voyeuristic videos of their daughter on his laptop and made a police report.

Low Jia Ying | April 21, 2022, 01:24 PM

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A man in Singapore was sentenced to 18 weeks' jail and one stroke of the cane on Apr. 20 for filming voyeuristic videos of his 13-year-old daughter undressing in her bedroom, CNA reported.

The 43-year-old man had admitted to planting a spy camera that resembled a USB charger to record his daughter changing into her uniform on two occasions in 2020.

The man cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victim's identity.

Planted camera to film daughter undressing

On the morning of Jul. 6, 2020, the man decided to secretly film his daughter in her bedroom, knowing that she would get undressed there while getting ready for school.

He had bought the camera before July 2019, the court heard.

The camera could transmit live feed to mobile phones in the area. The videos could also be saved to the phones.

When his daughter was outside her bedroom, the man used the opportunity to position the spy camera in a corner of the room.

He also took care to adjust the camera's angle and ensure that the video feed was stable before leaving the room.

About 10 minutes later, his daughter entered the room to undress and then left to shower.

She returned to her room after her shower, put on her school uniform and then left for school.

Shortly after, the man returned to retrieve the spy camera and uploaded the footage to his laptop.

He repeated this again the next morning.

On both occasions, the victim was unaware of the spy camera.

The videos were each more than 20 minutes in length, according to CNA.

Wife found 155 videos on his laptop

The man's crimes came to light after his wife borrowed his laptop on Aug. 2, 2020 and discovered videos of their daughter in various states of undress.

She made a police report on Aug. 21, 2020, and said she found about 155 of these voyeuristic videos taken between July 2019 and Jul. 8 2020.

Some of these videos were of the daughter filmed from below the sink in their home's bathroom.

The man initially told investigators the spy camera was to monitor his daughter while she studied in her bedroom.

However, no videos were found of her studying, reported CNA.

Prosecution: Caning warranted as man abused trust with daughter

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism. Another charge was taken into consideration.

The man's lawyer argued for 16 weeks' jail and no caning, and said his client was genuinely remorseful for his actions and had pleaded guilty, sparing his daughter from having to go to trial.

The prosecution pushed for 16 to 18 weeks' jail and one or two strokes of the cane.

The prosecution insisted on the caning as the man, being the victim's father, had committed a "graver" abuse of trust.

The man's choice to plead guilty should also not be given much weight, argued the prosecution, as the man was faced with a "mountain" of evidence against him and had little choice to plead otherwise.

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