ICA warns of scammers scaring public with 'rejected' passport applications

Some calls involved the alleged scammers asking for the recipients’ personal details, such as their NRIC number.

Lean Jinghui | April 21, 2022, 01:42 PM

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The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) shared information of a new scam that has been making the rounds in a Facebook post on Apr. 20.

Real ICA officers will use landlines to contact Singaporeans

According to the post, some Singaporeans recently received calls from numbers that start with the prefix “+65”, in relation to "passport issues".

ICA clarified that these calls are not made by its officers, and emphasised that its officers will use landlines – without the "+65" prefix – to contact applicants if there was a need to clarify passport matters with them.

According to ICA, the scam calls included an "automated voice message", that informed the recipients that their passport applications had been rejected or their passports cancelled.

Other calls involved the alleged scammers asking for the recipients’ personal details, such as their NRIC number.

In its post, ICA advised members of the public to exercise caution when receiving these calls, and to avoid revealing personal details should they receive unsolicited calls from “+65” numbers about passport issues.

Unprecedented spike in passport renewal applications

Following the announcement of the easing of border restrictions in March, there has been an unprecedented number of applications to ICA for the renewal of passports.

A longer processing time should be expected as a result of the influx of applications, which is about three times that of the daily applications pre-Covid.

Singaporeans who have travel plans in the next few months and need to renew their passports are advised to submit their applications early.

Applications can be done online via ICA's website.

According to the ICA, the applicant will be notified via SMS, email or post, once the application has been approved.

The new passport can then be collected at any 27 designated post offices or at the ICA Building.

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