Crowds of enthusiasts & flashy sportscars flock to huge car meet in front of Kallang Decathlon

Organisers said that law enforcement eventually took action after some attendees acted irresponsibly.

Andrew Koay | April 30, 2022, 08:48 PM

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A big car meet appears to have occurred at an open-air car park in Kallang, attracting a crowd of motor enthusiasts and the traffic police.

Videos of the Apr. 29 gathering, which featured flashy and modified sportscars, appeared on social media overnight.

Facebook page Singapore Incidents published a video compiling posts from TikTok of the exhibition which took place outside Decathlon's Singapore Lab.

Amidst footage of crowds cheering on backfiring cars and what seems to be a mini- vehicular parade, several traffic police officers could be seen standing watch.

Flashy sportscars

The cars spotted at the meet on TikTok included a Hello Kitty-styled Mini Cooper, a striking Red Ferrari 488 Special, and a slick black Nissan GTR.

@sandraesper Tokyo Drift? nah it’s Kallang Macs Drift! #singapore #singaporecars #carsoftiktok #supercars #jdm #sportscars ♬ Tokyo Drift (Refix) - Rosh Blazze

A Mini Cooper Image from Sandraesper's TikTok account

A Ferrari 488 Special Image from Sandraesper's TikTok account

A Nissan GTR Image from Sandraesper's TikTok account

Attendees at the meet could also be seen flocking to a line of Lamborghini's revving their engines.

GIF from Sandraesper's Tiktok account

Law enforcement had to take action

According to a Facebook post by the meet's organisers, Basement 1, law enforcement was forced to take action towards the end of the night due to "people being irresponsible".

They clarified that authorities initially allowed the event to take place as it did not break any rules.

"Every individual person at the venue who decides to be irresponsible should understand that actions have consequences and no matter how small these actions are, it will be a reflection of the entire meetup and the people who attendee for the intended reasons," wrote Basement 1.

Traffic police had to take action at the Basement 1 meet Image from yarobthebob's TikTok account

"Of course we want to host more events and meetups like this as we are all passionate about the same interest. But in order to continue making these events possible, we must be cooperative and responsible to make it a safe and inviting environment for all."

In a post advertising the meet, Basement 1 had urged those planning to go to be considerate and avoid reckless and illegal activity.

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Top image from sandraesper's TikTok account