S'pore man proposes to girlfriend with grand light show involving 150 drones at Gardens by the Bay

Went above and beyond literally.

Low Jia Ying | April 05, 2022, 06:24 PM

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One man in Singapore went quite literally above and beyond to propose to his partner by organising a drone light show in the middle of Gardens by the Bay.

The light show, which involved 150 drones, was so large that it caught the attention of those in the vicinity of Marina Bay.

Sky lights up with giant ring and "I LOVE U"

Local drone vendor MIRS Innovate uploaded a video of the proposal and its set up to TikTok yesterday (Apr. 4).

150 drones were arranged at The Meadow, an open field in the middle of Gardens by the Bay.

via MIRS Innovate.

via MIRS Innovate.

When night came, the army of drones set off, and morphed itself into a number of formations, including the word "Medan", an airplane and "SG".

via MIRS Innovate.

The proposal was done atop of one of the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay, where the couple had a clear view of the light show.

The drones morphed into a gift box, and morphed again to form a giant, twinkling ring in the sky, with the Singapore city skyline in the background.

via MIRS Innovate

The man then got down on one knee and presented a ring to his partner.

After the woman presumably said "yes", the couple enjoyed the rest of the light show, where the drones again morphed themselves to form "Bry❤️Van" and "I LOVE U".

via MIRS Innovate.

via MIRS Innovate.

The light show was then capped off with some fireworks made up of drones.

Show witnessed by others in vicinity

The light show caused enough of a spectacle that it caught the attention of some others in the vicinity of Marina Bay.

One TikTok user said they were trying to film a TikTok when the drones from the proposal appeared behind her.

@123airabyou Gusto ko lang naman mag TikTok 🥴 May bonggang nagppropose pala sa likod 😂 May pa-drone pa! #willyomarryme #yes!🤣 #wheninsingapore #tiktoksg #airabyoutravels #singapore #tiktokph #feels #airabyou ♬ Feels - Simon Estrella on IG

Another video uploaded to Chinese social media site Xiaohongshu captured the proposal from across Marina Bay.

The user, who was cycling at night, added that it was such a romantic and creative gesture, and that they felt happy for the woman.

The user also wrote that they were moved by the sight, and wished the couple well.

via Nicole4/Xiaohongshu.

Another Xiaohongshu user also caught the light show from a nearby building at around midnight.

They said the whole light show lasted about seven minutes, and added that it was "too romantic".

via NicoleWang/Xiaohongshu.

via NicoleWang/Xiaohongshu.

This was not the first time for such a drone proposal in Singapore.

The company, MIRS Innovate, had previously conducted a proposal in an open field at Bukit Timah in October last year.

According to the company, it takes eight to 10 weeks to prepare for a show, which includes site survey, design, programming, flight test, and complete rehearsal.

They will also have two pilots and two safety officers to ensure safety during the show.

You can watch the full video here:

@mirsinnovate150 drone light show 💫 This drone idea definitely brings an old-fashioned wedding proposal to the next level! 💍One thing is for sure: none of the proposals can top your drone light show.Contact: +65 6718 2231Email: [email protected]: https://www.mirs-innov.com/drone-light-show♬ original sound - MIRSInnovate

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Top photos via MIRSInnovate/TikTok and Nicolewang/Xiaohongshu