Dine with Pikachu & his pals with these new kitchenware released by Pokémon Centre S'pore

Gotta catch 'em all.

Irwan Shah | April 26, 2022, 02:52 PM

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If you call yourself a true Pokémon connoisseur, here's your chance to further spruce up your home with Pikachu's likeness.

Pokémon Centre Singapore recently unveiled its Pokémon Kitchenware Series last Friday, Apr. 22.

There is a wide variety of items that you can choose from, each with its own unique designs. If you think there's a little too much of Pikachu, you'll be glad to know that his Sinnoh region pals are included as well.

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Here comes the kitchenware

Here are the various kitchenware items and their prices:

Clay Pot 1-Pax (Pikachu): S$50.00

Chinese Soup Spoon Pikachu Tail: S$15.00

The Clay Pot is equipped with a cute lid that has Pikachu's face on it. It even has two small "spikes" that act as Pikachu's ears.

You can also add on a Chinese Soup Spoon that's shaped like Pikachu's tail.

Pikachu (face) Strong Glass 2-pieces (S-Size): S$30.00

Pikachu & Piplup Strong Glass 2-pieces (M-Size): S$34.00

Why settle for a boring glass when you can have Pokémon on it?

This drinking glass comes in a set of two — either in a Small (S) or Medium (M) size. One pair has Pikachu's face on them, with different expressions, while the other set features Pikachu and its Sinnoh region friends.

Plate Travel Memories Yellow/Green(S-size): S$14.00

Plate Travel Memories Yellow/Green (M-size): S$24.00

Serve your meals on these unique plates that come in different sizes and colours, and are adorned with several adorable Pokémon.

Rice Bowl Travel Memories (available in yellow and green): S$20.00

If you think the plates aren't enough, have a look at these rice bowls. Bearing an image of the iconic Pikachu, the bowl comes in either green or yellow.

Small Plate Travel Memories: S$12.00

Kids Rice Bowl Travel Memories: S$16.00

Bowl Travel Memories: S$30.00

Grab this kitchenware set in white if you prefer something that looks rather simple. You can also buy these items individually.

Chopsticks (16.5 cm) Travel Memories: S$14.00

Chopsticks (21 cm) Travel Memories: S$17.00

The Chopsticks are available at two different prices and lengths.

You can purchase the unique kitchenware at the Pokémon Centre or online via their Shopee page.

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Top Photo from Pokémon Centre Singapore Facebook page.