Why you may still need an air purifier in S’pore even if there’s no haze

If it helps to improve your quality of life, why not?

| Zhangxin Zheng | Sponsored | April 15, 2022, 11:59 AM

We all appreciate the small things in life differently, like a cup of coffee or purified air. But the lifestyle preferences of some may turn out to be an essential need for others.

Take an air purifier for instance.

You take a breath and smell nothing amiss. Is there really a need for an air purifier even when there is no haze in Singapore, you ask?

Someone who is allergic to dust mites, pollen and mould, or those with dry and sensitive skin, may answer: Yes.

Discomforts caused by small particles in the air that are not related to haze

Tiny little particles like dust mites and pollen can cause irritation and other allergic reactions of varying degrees.

Nine out of 100 people in Singapore are allergic to dust mites and their droppings.

As close relatives of ticks and spiders, dust mites are tiny microscopic creatures, around 300 times smaller than a strand of hair. They also multiply quickly in Singapore because of the warm and humid weather.

Pollen from trees and plants can cause pollen allergy to flare up too, also known as hay fever — especially common during flowering seasons. Hay fever is prevalent among young children and affects about 24 per cent of the Singapore population.

Additionally, many Singaporeans have taken on a new role as pawrents in recent years.

Some pawrents may unexpectedly develop pet allergies after living with their furkids.

Pet allergies are not triggered by animal fur but by dander, which refers to flakes of skin underneath the pet’s fur or hair.

Having your beloved furkids running about at home, you may find relief from having an air purifier, which can help to remove these small particles and their fur that are floating in the air.

Daikin’s Streamer Air purifiers to the rescue

If you are considering buying an air purifier, Daikin’s Streamer Air purifiers can also give you a “five ticks smile”. Just like their air-conditioners.

Instead of using a mesh to trap particles, Daikin’s Streamer Air purifiers’ HEPA filters use electrostatic forces to capture small particles in the air, which translates to a lower risk of clogging.

These electrostatic HEPA filters can last up to 10 years.

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Daikin’s Streamer Air purifiers’ patented streamer discharge technology also sets them apart from other air purifiers.

With this technology, Daikin’s Streamer Air purifiers claim to decompose allergens, deactivate bacteria and viruses, and remove harmful chemical substances.

These include dust mites, cockroach droppings, fungi, pollen, and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, a colourless pungent gas, is a common indoor air pollutant. Sources of formaldehyde include building materials, household products, and furniture made of pressed wood like soft plywood.

According to Daikin, the Streamer Technology can inactivate more than 99.8 per cent of Coronavirus variants too.

You can see the full list of substances here.

To purify the indoor air, Daikin’s Streamer Air purifiers have three air inlets that are placed away from the air outlet.

This optimises the amount of air that the purifier can take in at one time, allowing the most amount of dust to be absorbed over a wide area, and hence achieves an efficient air purification.

Pro tip: To enhance the air circulation in an air-conditioned room, place the Daikin’s air purifier opposite the air conditioner.

To be absolutely clear, that’s not to say that air purifiers will definitely solve all your problems when it comes to allergies or skin irritations — it is also important to keep the house clean and dust-free. Those who have skin or respiratory problems should also seek medical advice.

But if work-from-home arrangements are here to stay, having an air purifier may just be a worthwhile investment.

This is especially so for homebodies, those who do not have good ventilation at home, and those who switch on the air-conditioner for long periods of time.

Find out more about Daikin Streamer Air purifiers here.

The “five ticks smile” jingle was ringing in the writer’s head while she wrote this sponsored article by Daikin.

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