Cyclist goes to great lengths to paste sticker on Tuas Lamp Post 1 with very long ladder

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Ashley Tan | April 19, 2022, 05:49 PM

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Those in the cycling community in Singapore will be aware of a iconic landmark on the western-most tip of the country, in the form an innocuous lamp post.

Pasting a sticker on Tuas Lamp Post 1 is akin to irredeemable proof of a cyclist's arduous journey to the west.

Brought a ladder

Recently, a video surfaced on social media of one cyclist in particular going to great lengths to get their sticker on the famous landmark.

In the video, several people are seen wielding an extremely long and rather flimsy-looking ladder.

Video from Tiagong / FB 

Four people, excluding the person behind the camera, are there to help set it up, before another person, a man clad in cycling gear and a helmet, clambers to the top to put his mark on the lamp post.

Video from Tiagong / FB

He pastes the sticker high up, where the portion of the lamp post is still unmarked by others.

It is uncertain where the ladder appeared from, and if it was ferried all the way to Tuas by the cyclist's friends just in time for when he arrived at the spot.

You can watch the full video here.

Stickers allowed on this lamp post

Back in 2020, the stickers were removed by workers, leaving behind a spanking clean lamp post, causing a stir in the cycling community.

Then-Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung acknowledged the special nature of the lamp post, and what it means to cyclists in Singapore.

After discussions involving the Land Transport Authority and JTC, the government agencies decided to make an exception for this lamp post and allow stickers to be pasted on it.

Since then, it appears many have made a pit-stop at the lamp post, judging from the amount of stickers on it from an April 2022 photo.

Some have left behind decorated face masks in lieu of stickers, and stickers have even overflowed to cover the nearby signpost.

Photo from Barani Kannan Subramanian / Google Maps

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Top photo from Tiagong / FB