Bukit Batok clinic staff kicks a stroller after customer throws things in clinic, son left in tears

The boy tried to defuse the situation without success.

Zi Shan Kow | April 19, 2022, 12:52 PM

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An altercation between clinic staff and a mother with her son was caught on camera by a TikTok user in Singapore on Apr. 18.

Kicking a stroller

The incident took place outside the Everhealth Family Clinic & Surgery in Bukit Batok.

In the first second of the one-minute clip, the clinic staff could be seen kicking a stroller in anger.

The mother immediately countered the woman: "What are you doing?"

The boy was hysterical, putting his hand up while crying, "Okay, stop, let's stop talking!"

His mother reached into her bag, saying that she would call the police, but the boy immediately pleaded with her not to do so.

He repeatedly offered to clean up to defuse the situation, but the staff said she was not scolding him.

The mother questioned the staff: "Why you are so rude to your customer, I don't understand, I want to come and ask you why you give me this MC, why you are so rude?"

The staff pointed out that the clinic has CCTVs, and the mother said she would be making a police report.

The mother left the scene with her crying son shortly after.

The full video can be seen here:


Wake Up Singapore also uploaded CCTV footage from within the clinic.

The CCTV showed a heated argument between the mother and the staff. The mother could be seen flipping an item in the staff's direction.

She quickly opened the clinic door to leave, but not before turning around and shoving even more items on the reception desk to the ground. She then took her kid by the shoulder to exit the clinic.

The boy, seeing that the staff was coming around the desk to confront the mother, ran back and put up his hands to dissuade the staff member. The mother coaxed him out of the door.

As the staff returned to the desk to pick up the items, the mother opened the closing door again to throw a piece of paper at the woman.

The staff held up a NETS terminal stand, threatening to throw it at the mother. She then headed out of the clinic, presumably when the confrontation in the TikTok video occurred.

Clinic puts out statement

The clinic's listing on Google Maps has since received a flood of one-star reviews criticising the clinic staff for kicking the stroller and being unprofessional.

On Facebook, the clinic put out a statement apologising for "causing public alarm" due to the video.

The clinic also said it would need some time to look into the matter.

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Top images by @jenny_lethu/TikTok and Wake Up, Singapore/Facebook.