Boy in diapers found near Woodlands Mart sneaked out of house while grandma was asleep

He's reunited with his family.

Lean Jinghui | April 21, 2022, 04:03 PM

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The boy who was found alone near Woodlands Mart, wearing only diapers and a pair of slippers, has reunited with his family.

In the latest update to the story, Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News (Shin Min) shared that the boy had allegedly left the house while his grandma was asleep on the evening of Apr. 19.

The boy's parents were not home when the incident happened.

Sneaked out of house

Shin Min reporter found out from some shopkeepers in the area that they understand from the boy's dad that the family live near Woodlands Mart.

It is believed the boy had taken the opportunity to venture out of the house while his parents were not at home, and his grandmother was still asleep.

After leaving the house on his own, the boy even crossed a road on his own before finding his way to the vicinity of Woodlands Mart.

Reunited with family via police cameras

According to Shin Min, the police eventually managed to reunite the boy with his family with the help of police cameras.

The boy was not found to have any reported injuries, and no further police assistance was required.


The boy was sighted wandering around Woodlands Mart and a photo showed him sitting on a yellow kiddie ride machine without any adult's supervision on April 19 evening.

A couple who chanced upon the boy later went about with him to search for his next-of-kin, but were unable to locate his family even after a 45-minute-long search.

The police had then been called in for assistance.

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Top images via Singapore Police Force and Shin Min Daily News Facebook