Workers' Party launches podcast featuring Nicole Seah, Gerald Giam & Leon Perera

Episodes from the series are described as giving listeners an in-depth perspective in party policy positions.

Andrew Koay | March 31, 2022, 07:23 PM

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The Workers' Party (WP) has launched into the podcast space, releasing the first two episodes of "The Hammer Podcast" on Mar. 25.

"Podcasts are the medium of choice for some younger Singaporeans when seeking content on politics and public affairs," said WP Youth Wing President Nicole Seah to Mothership.

"With this podcast series, we hope to better connect with these people; and to enable them to engage with our ideas and MPs"

Presented by the party's youth wing, "The Hammer Podcast" describes itself as a show to bring listeners an "in-depth perspective" on WP's policy positions.

"Our MPs, leaders and volunteers discuss a whole range of issues from the ground as well as provide insights into the thinking behind our interventions in Parliament and the research that goes on behind the scenes," read a media release from WP.

Gerald Giam and Leon Perera explain WP policy positions

The first episode features Seah and Aljunied GRC MP Gerald Giam discussing the job market for Singaporeans, while the second episode sees youth wing member Marissa Lee in conversation with Leon Perera about the hawker industry and how it can be helped.

In his episode, Giam speaks on some of his proposals in Parliament which address public anxiety over foreign competition for jobs, including the party's proposal that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) should better ensure that only qualified professionals are issued work passes.

"There should be more reporting by both the companies and the government on the number of foreigners represented at each level of the company's hierarchy," explained Giam.

"This kind of transparency will not impose a burden on companies but it will nudge the management to rethink the HR policies and put in more effort into hiring and training more Singaporeans."

Speaking on the challenges faced by hawkers, Perera said in the second episode that the party wanted the industry to thrive.

"We want young people to come into this industry, and we want people to be able to make a decent living, to make some money, otherwise it's not going to be sustainable or fair to them," he said.

"As with the Hammer Show during GE2020, the Hammer podcast series will focus on creating in-depth conversations around important issues of the day," said Seah.

It will also complement the party's newsletter which has been distributed since 1972.

"The Hammer Podcast" by the WP Youth Wing can be found on Spotify here.

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