Venomous snake still alive after 1 year in sealed liquor jar, bites man in China who opens it


Lean Jinghui | March 16, 2022, 10:58 AM

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A venomous snake was found to still be alive after having been sealed in a liquor flask for a year.

It subsequently "came back to life", and bit the person who had opened the liquor jar, the Chinese media reported.

What happened

According to the China Times, a man from the Heilongjiang province in northernmost China had a son who was diagnosed with a chronic illness.

After trying out various methods to heal his son without success, the man decided to explore the option of snake wine.

Snake wine is touted to have various health benefits, including being a cure for rheumatism, arthritis, flu, and pain. According to Culture Trip, it can be prepared by putting an entire snake, sometimes while still alive, in a jar of alcohol.

The man allegedly purchased three venomous snakes and soaked them in an alcohol barrel for marination.

A year later, after he felt that the snake wine had "enough medicinal properties", he then unsealed the alcohol jar for consumption.

Unexpectedly, the three snakes were still alive, and reportedly "came back to life" and bit the man.

This resulted in the man having to be sent to the hospital. He was treated immediately, and survived.

Why the snake could stay alive

According to, this incident, while unexpected, is actually not that peculiar.

Experts shared that the snake could have survived the marination in the alcohol jar for 12 months without dying, for a few reasons.

For one, the flask might not have been sealed as tightly, and some air might still have entered the jar, providing enough oxygen for the snake to stay alive.

According to Science Alert, snakes, which are cold-blooded animals, are often able to survive in low oxygen environments, as they require lower energy and oxygen requirements. They can enter a "dormant state" in such environments, by suppressing their metabolic rate.

Sohu added that after the alcohol jar was unsealed, and the snake received a large amount of oxygen, this might have been how it was "revived".

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