European countries waive some regulations for Ukrainian refugees travelling with pets

Pet food has also been delivered to shelters in Ukraine.

Fasiha Nazren | March 01, 2022, 03:50 PM

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 400,000 Ukrainians have fled to European neighbours, according to a report by Washington Post.

However, some Ukrainians with pets may have hesitated due to strict animal regulations for animals entering the country.

Photo from Ратынский Вячеслав / UNIAN

Simplify measures for refugees and pets

In a report by Euractiv on Feb. 27, the European Commission has advised member states to cut red tapes for Ukrainian citizens seeking refuge in neighbouring countries with their pet animals.

Since then, several European countries have introduced exceptions to these regulations, given the current situation.

Photo from Ратынский Вячеслав / UNIAN

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These countries include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Pets of Ukrainian refugees can enter these countries without documentation, microchip or vaccination certificates.

Here are the different requirements or follow-ups for the other countries.


Romania's National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority has made exceptions for all pets of Ukraine refugees.

Refugees entering Romania with animals must visit the "Sanitary Veterinary point" where they can fill out a form if they don't have the required documents.


The Polish officials have now made it optional for pets of Ukrainian refugees to produce any form of animal health documents.

Additionally, unvaccinated animals will be vaccinated after crossing the Polish border.


According to Hungarian Veterinary Authority, it is prepared for the arrival of pets that are not microchipped, unvaccinated or without a blood test.

They will only have to complete a registration form to enter Hungary smoothly.


In a form by the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovac Republic, it mentioned that it has authorised the movement of pets accompanying  Ukrainian refugees into Slovakia following the "political unrest in Ukraine".

Pet owners will have to fill in a document before entering the country.


The State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania has simplified the entry of pet animals (dogs, cats and ferrets).

If necessary, the authorities will vaccinate the animals against rabies and microchip them on the spot. Their isolation conditions will also be facilitated.


Latvia's Food and Veterinary Service allows pet animals to enter Latvia even if they are not microchipped, vaccinated against rabies, or have a veterinary health certificate.

Other formalities and procedures can be done after entering Latvia.

PETA sending pet food

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Germany has also sent a team to the Polish borders to provide on-site assistance.

Photo from PETA.

At the same time, the animal rights organisation has also organised delivery of nearly two tonnes worth of animal food and blankets to shelters in Ukraine.

Top image from Ратынский Вячеслав / UNIAN