Girl on TikTok says she cried over man named after MRT station, so people guess if he's Tan Kah Kee, Boon Keng etc

Giving others a chance to pun and improvise.

Belmont Lay | March 19, 2022, 04:37 AM

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A girl in Singapore put up an 11-second TikTok video of herself looking into the camera palming her face, rolling her eyes, and shaking her head while riding on a public bus, as if she spontaneously needed to reflect on her poor decisions in life for everyone to see.

She got more than 53,000 likes in one day.

The caption superimposed on her video read: "Can't believe I cried over a man named after an MRT station."

@stopjojo_ Never again #fyp #tiktoksg ♬ fingers crossed - solartunne

Gives everyone a chance to join in

Given that the video was short on details and clearly devoid of any sense-making context, it did not take much or long for others to fill in the blanks.

Which explains the video's popularity.

As the girl in the video appeared to be a Zoomer and TikTok is utilised by Zoomers to do Gen Z things like leave quick comments and reactions before moving on, punning was in order.

Some of the more than 5,700 responses included using MRT station names to make sense of the girl's plight.

Coming in at the top of the pile was this comment:

And who wouldn't guess this name as the most natural name of a man in Singapore:

As with anyone named after a MRT station, there should have been red flags:

But there is no point arguing because:

And who wouldn't guess the usual suspect:

Imagine Tan Kah Kee hurting you though:

Maybe her man is really named Hong Shan:

But if you had to pick a MRT station that should most likely be the name of a man in Singapore, it would probably be Boon Keng.

Because Boon Keng is a real person.

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