Changi Airport's Terminal 2 to be progressively opened in 2022 as travel expected to pick up

The aviation sector is coming alive again.

Zhangxin Zheng | March 30, 2022, 04:48 PM

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Minister for Transport S Iswaran said that the Terminal 2 will be "progressively opened" this year.

Iswaran revealed this as part of the plans to ensure the aviation sector in Singapore is ready as travel resumes on March 30.

Since the start of Covid-19, the aviation sector has lost a significant proportion of its workforce.

The airport will ramp up recruitment to boots its manpower to meet the operation needs as borders reopen.

According to CNA, Iswaran said that currently Singapore is at around "two-thirds to about three-quarters of the capacity we were before".

He added, "That should hold us in good stead in dealing with the kind of anticipated volume increases".

Terminal 2 and more shops at Changi Airport to gradually open

Iswaran said that Terminal 1 and 3 will continue to be the "central channel" for travellers in and out Singapore.

Anticipating an increase in travel volumes, Terminal 2 will be "progressively opened" in 2022 while Terminal 4 will be ready to be activated at short notice if need be.

Operations at the Terminal 2 and 4 have been suspended since May 2020 due to a "steep decline in passenger traffic" due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel made easier in Singapore

From April 1, all fully-vaccinated travellers can enter Singapore without quarantine.

On-arrival tests will be removed completely as well.

This means that travellers who are fully vaccinated can shop and dine in the airport, including Changi Jewel, upon their arrival.

On March 24, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explained why we can ease travel restrictions substantially now:

"Earlier we were cautious because of uncertainty over the Omicron impact. Now the Omicron situation is well under control. Nearly all our cases are domestic originating within the community. Arrivals from abroad constitute only a very small proportion of cases."

According to CNA, currently 65 per cent of the shops at the transit areas of Terminal 1 and 3 are open and more shops are expected to open.

Lotte Duty Free stores at the arrival halls in these two terminals will reopen by May 2022.

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