41% of S'pore workers would rather work from home & remotely than get bigger bonus

Employment conditions have changed as the pandemic has shown that life without the office is feasible.

Belmont Lay | March 16, 2022, 01:57 AM

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A significant proportion of workers in Singapore would rather work from home and remotely than get paid a bigger bonus.

This was one of the key findings of a survey by human resources solutions agency Randstad, which polled 300 workers in Singapore, following close to two years of pandemic-induced working conditions that have upended the concept of office work.

What survey found

Here are the main findings of the survey released on March 15.

Skip the bonus, let them WFH

Some 41 per cent of workers in Singapore would rather continue working remotely, such as at home, than receive a bigger bonus,

Workers who work from home found that it saved time and money from commuting and they have more personal time and higher productivity.

Salary increments

At least 80 per cent of employees polled received a pay raise in 2022, with 9 per cent getting an increment of more than 20 per cent.

Recovery bonuses

Half of these respondents said they will get a bonus in 2022.

Some 43 per cent of this group who will get a bonus are expecting a bonus of one to three months, excluding a 13th month bonus.

Not quite pre-pandemic expectations though

Although it might appear employees' outlook is rosy, it is not as optimistic as pre-pandemic levels.

The same survey found in 2019, before Covid-19, that 83 per cent of employees were anticipating a bonus that year, with 69 per cent of this group expecting bonus payouts averaging one to two months.

What are the expectations for bonus?

One in four are waiting on a bonus of less than a month

Some 12 per cent said they will get a bonus of seven months or more.

The 65 per cent of employees expecting bonuses also said they will stay with the company for the next six months as they are satisfied enough.

Background on survey

Randstad's 2022 Salary and Bonus Expectations survey was conducted online with 300 employees based in Singapore from Feb. 7 to 14.

The survey sought to find out how employers are rewarding workers after a year of economic recovery.

The survey results gave an indication on how employees are viewing hybrid work arrangements post-pandemic, and that companies that adjust policies to meet employees' demand will capture the talent out there.

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