After alleged rape by 2 men at Pioneer Road, woman, 32, laid in own blood, found by passerby 5 hours later

She was found below the viaduct with her head and legs, and the floor around her, covered in and stained by blood.

Fiona Tan | March 12, 2022, 02:32 AM

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A 32-year-old woman who was allegedly raped and assaulted by two men at Pioneer Road was only found by a passerby five hours after her ordeal.

Victim found lying on her own blood

The female victim was allegedly assaulted and raped by two Bangladeshi men Ahmed Rayhan, 30, and Alam Foysal, 36, below the Tuas viaduct near Tuas West Road MRT between 12.30am to 2.20am on Mar. 8.

However, the police only received a passerby's call for assistance at about 7.25am on the same day, according to the police's statement.

By then, five hours had allegedly elapsed between the time of the offence and when the police were alerted.

This was likely due to the remoteness of the scene of the crime, and the time that the incident took place.

According to Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News, a passerby named Saddam saw the victim lying on the ground below the viaduct.

Saddam, a 31-year-old migrant worker, was on his way to work at that time.

He said the victim's head and legs, and the ground around the victim, were covered in and stained by blood.

Victim in a trance-like state

Saddam asked the victim what happened to her.

She repeatedly replied, "I do not know", but asked him for some water to drink.

Speaking to Shin Min, Saddam said the victim appeared to be in a trance-like state then.

He added that another Chinese migrant worker who walked past the scene had attempted to offer his assistance.

At that point in time, the victim was struggling to get up on her feet, and sat back down.

She gave up standing after a few attempts.

Shin Min reported that the victim was only able to get into a seated position with the help of passersby.

When the Chinese migrant worker saw the weakened state that the victim was in, he called the ambulance immediately.

Shin Min reported that the incident also caught the attention of some other migrant workers passing by.

These migrant workers ran to the MRT station to ask others for help.

Men were arrested and charged

Saddam left the scene after he gave the victim a drink as he was rushing to work.

By then, he said more people had arrived to watch after and accompany the victim to wait for the ambulance to arrive.

The police arrived five minutes later.

The woman was conveyed to the hospital conscious.

According to the police's statement, the two men were identified and arrested within "12 hours of the report being lodged" on the same day the crime took place.

Both men did not know the victim, whose identity was protected by a court gag order.

The two men were charged in court on Mar. 10.


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Top image from Shin Min Daily News and by Riad Mahmud Rocky from Google Maps