Otters cross road diagonally from Funan to St Andrews Cathedral a la Shibuya road junction

They need road marshals to cross the road.

Belmont Lay | March 14, 2022, 04:47 PM

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Otters have become a part of Singapore's urban environment.

So much so, they recently got ushered across the busy Orchard Road by Istana's police guards who stopped traffic for 2 minutes to ensure the animals' safety.

After the video of this incident was widely circulated online, another video of otters crossing a busy road in Singapore has emerged on March 12.

Otters cross City Hall road junction

A group of otters were seen trying to get across the North Bridge Road and Coleman Street road junction in City Hall.

Waiting patiently at the pedestrian crossing that was showing the red man, the otters were rolling around as curious passersby stood by, also waiting for the lights to change.

Alpha otter leads pack

The moment the alpha otter got up and took the lead to prepare to cross, almost on cue just as traffic subsided, the other otters got up instinctively.

They then made a run for it.

Vehicles on Coleman Street then started up again once the otters got to the pedestrian path.

The otters crossing the junction diagonally is reminiscent of the iconic Shibuya crossing in Japan, where pedestrians cut across the road junction when all vehicular traffic comes to a standstill.

The otters in this case were escorted by otter watchers, which was what also happened during the Orchard Road crossing.

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