Family abandons Bukit Timah glamping staycation after finding mouldy tent, operator refutes claim

The staycation had been booked to celebrate the family's 6-year-old son's birthday.

Andrew Koay | March 20, 2022, 08:48 PM

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With her son keen to celebrate his birthday while camping, Mothership reader Yupaporn Sudjai decided to book a S$280 one-night glamping experience through Agoda.

However, Sudjai said when her family showed up at their accommodation, Horsecity in Bukit Timah, they were greeted by a mouldy tent.

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

After attempts to contact the operator, Glamping Society, about the mould were met with silence, Sudjai said the family decided they could not stay the night and headed back home.

"My son was so sad, crying all the way," said Sudjai.

"I feel so upset and disappointed."

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Screenshots taken by Sudjai show a WhatsApp conversation with the emergency assistance phone number provided on Glamping Society's website.

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Apart from the mould in the tent, Sudjai told Mothership that she found the chairs and table provided to be of poor quality and that some of the lights within the tent were not functional.

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

Image by Yupaporn Sudjai

She also said that she intended to make a police report regarding the matter.

Glamping Society refutes Sudjai's account

When contacted for comment, Glamping Society said Sudjai did not alert onsite staff to the conditions of her tent and that the operator was unaware of mould in their tents.

"We were very busy yesterday and did not know that she has tried to contact us," said Lily Kong from Glamping Society.

Kong further stated that the family had indeed spent the night in the tent.

She also claimed that Sudjai did not take the photos from the tent she had been assigned to.

"But she went into a tent that was mouldy, not locked, not open to any glampers and took photos," said Kong, an assertion that Sudjai denied.

Kong also said: "I am of the opinion that the customer had high expectations; she did not reach out to the booking platform for a refund, and she could not reach us yesterday, as our hands were full with 25 glamping tents at East Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park. We had absolutely no idea that she was trying to reach us yesterday and we did not know about any mouldy tents, as customers in the previous week did not complain."

"Nevertheless, we are sorry that she did not enjoy her glamping, and we hope that she can get her refund from Agoda," added Kong.

According to Glamping Society's website, the price of accommodations range from S$299 to S$699 depending on the size of the tent and other facilities.

Google Reviews for Glamping Society are mostly positive, with 56 per cent of reviewers giving the operator five stars (out of five) as of writing.

However, the operator also has a sizeable amount of one-star reviews: 34 per cent of reviewers gave the experience the lowest possible rating.

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Top image from Yupaporn Sudjai and via Agoda