Father stranded on M’sian highway with daughter in tow bursts into tears after woman stops to help

Kind gesture.

Lean Jinghui | March 07, 2022, 05:40 PM

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A heartwarming story of a good Samaritan who stopped to help another in need along an expressway in Malaysia recently went viral.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the incident took place along the KESAS (Shah Alam Expressway) in Selangor, Malaysia on Mar. 3 some time after 11pm.

Father-daughter stranded on expressway

According to a Facebook post by Alessandra Ng, the woman who stopped to help, she had spotted the father and daughter duo on the expressway while driving home after work.

They were pushing a motorcycle on foot, which appeared to have broken down.

However, because Ng was driving on the fast lane of the expressway, she was unable to stop temporarily.

Looking at the long road ahead, Ng shared that she began wondering how long the father-daughter duo would have to take to reach their destination. This was when she decided to make a U-Turn, to check out the situation for herself.

No money for engine oil

Speaking to the father and his daughter, Ng shared that they revealed that their motorcycle had run out of petrol, which was needed to start the engine.

Ng then offered to drive them to the nearest petrol station to buy some oil, so the father could refuel his motorcycle.

The father declined her offer, and shared that he could walk over to the petrol station on his own.

Ng told the father that she did not mind driving the duo to see if any petrol stations were still open, as even if he didn’t need the help, his young daughter would.

However, the father declined again, explaining that he had no money.

Ng shared that the father had thanked her for her kind gesture, but continued to turn down her offer, insisting that he could manage.

Woman lends money, father bursts into tears

The father added that others had extended a helping hand to the duo on the road, but he had declined their offer as well, as he did not have money on him.

"I told them that it is okay, as I can just walk a bit more. Once the engine is heated up, I'll be able to ride again."

At this point, Ng suggested they take it as her lending some money to them instead, and in response, the father burst into tears.

He thanked her profusely, and finally agreed to let Ng give them a lift to the nearest operating petrol station.

Along the way, Ng shared that she took the chance to find out more about the father and daughter's situation, who shared that they had actually been on their way back to Malacca, when they got stranded on the highway.

A family member had just passed away, and they had thus been rushing home after paying their respects to the deceased.

Respectful arrangment

Ng reflected on the incident:

"It must have been really tiring for the father at that point in time. He was enduring so much, and shouldering so many heavy responsibilities, all while transporting his daughter around.

Maybe he did not want his daughter to learn to accept money from strangers so casually; or maybe he simply wanted to be a good role model for her and continue persevering.

At that moment, I realised why he had broken down in tears after I'd said that I could lend them money. Maybe he felt that it was an arrangement that most respected the dignity of both parties involved."

Subsequently, the three managed to locate a petrol station to purchase the engine oil, and the father was able to refuel his motorcycle.

Ng noted that she'd felt nothing but immense relief and joy upon seeing them finally restart their engine:

"This was a heartwarming night. I hope that everyone will be more selfless when helping others in need, in the most appropriate manner."

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Top image via Alessandra Ng Facebook and Astro Radio Traffic Facebook