Are lifts & wet markets 'indoors' or 'outdoors'? A brief guide to new mask-wearing rule from Mar. 29.

More places for mask break.

Zhangxin Zheng | March 24, 2022, 02:53 PM

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Mask-wearing will not be compulsory in outdoors settings from next Tuesday (Mar. 29) onwards, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) today (Mar. 24).

This relaxation of safe management measures comes as the Omicron wave is assessed to be "well under control".

From Tuesday (Mar. 29), wearing masks outdoors will be optional.

It is still mandatory to wear masks in public indoor settings.

Examples of places that are "indoors" and "outdoors"

As it may not be totally clear whether certain public places are considered to be indoors or outdoors, under this new rule, here are some examples to help.

In lifts? Need to wear mask.

On the bus or train? Need to wear mask.

Hawker centres, coffee shops, wet markets? Need to wear mask.

In HDB retail shops and shophouses? Need to wear mask.

HDB void decks? No need to wear mask.

HDB retail shop corridors and five-foot ways? No need to wear mask.

Fields and parks? No need to wear mask.

Open-air sheltered walkways and overhead bridges? No need to wear mask.

Bus stops? No need to wear mask.

Bus interchanges? Depends. Mask-wearing is not compulsory in naturally ventilated bus interchanges. However, at those within shopping malls or are air-conditioned, you will have to put on your mask.

While mask-wearing will be optional in outdoor settings, the Ministry of Health still encourages individuals to wear their masks even when outdoors for personal protection and to protect others, especially in crowded areas.

Generally, indoor places refer to all buildings or places with clearly defined entrances and exits.

Places which are sheltered but with open access will be regarded as outdoor areas, according to the ministry.


With the new rules, there will be more opportunities for mask breaks.

Here's a possible lunchtime scenario if you work from home on March 29:

No mask at home —>  Put on mask to use the lift —>  Take out mask after exiting the lift —> Put on mask to enter hawker centre and while buying food —> Take out mask when eating —> Put on mask to return tray —> Take out mask after leaving the hawker centre —> Put on mask when entering the lift —> Take out mask when you reach home.

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