Woman saves struggling pigeon from busy road in S'pore, vehicles were driving over it

Kind act.

Lean Jinghui | March 24, 2022, 07:25 PM

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A woman in Singapore was recently seen braving the traffic on a congested road in order to save a pigeon.

The incident was caught on video and put on TikTok on Mar. 23.

The user who uploaded it captioned "props to this heroine".

@vermnova props to this heroine #birdsaver #sgtiktok #Bird#pigeon #singapore #sgtok @Mothership.sg ♬ Life Goes On - Oliver Tree

Pigeon flaps around, remains stuck on road

The ostensibly injured pigeon on the road was met with a steady stream of oncoming traffic.

It is unable to fly away, despite repeated attempts at flapping its wings quite strenuously.

Many vehicles, including several cars and a bus, drive past and over the pigeon, resulting in it being dragged a couple of metres down the road at one point.

Subsequently, the pigeon stops flapping its wings and lays motionless on the road, only to be startled by another oncoming car that speeds over it.

Woman saves pigeon

At the 45-second mark of the video, a good Samaritan finally steps in to rescue the stuck pigeon.

A woman with a tote bag puts up her hand to stop any oncoming traffic while approaching the pigeon.

Accompanied by two other individuals, she scoops the pigeon up and carries it to safety.

Praises for woman's kind act

After the video was reshared to the Facebook group Singapore Incidents, several users took to the comments section to commend the woman for her kind act.

Via Singapore Incidents Facebook page

The video has since garnered over 800 likes on Facebook, and over 61,000 views on TikTok.

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Top images via @vermnova TikTok