S'pore digital lock company says ex-staff allegedly scammed S$100,000 from customers & company

The company hopes to fulfil all orders at their expense.

Alfie Kwa | March 30, 2022, 01:45 PM

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Local digital lock company, My Digital Lock Pte Ltd, said they experienced their "biggest money run" in the history of the company after an employee allegedly scammed customers and the company of S$100,000.

The company posted a video on their Facebook page on Mar. 29, calling customers who had purchased products from the accused employee, named Travis, to contact them immediately.

What happened?

Ron, the founder of My Digital Lock, explained in the video that Travis from their Bukit Batok branch scammed money from customers.

The company, that sells home doors, gates and digital locks said the employee had a couple of tricks to con the customers into paying him.

One was to change his personal bank account name linked to his personal mobile number to "My Digital Lock Pte Ltd" so that customers who PayNow him via their bank accounts would see the company name and think it was a legitimate account.

Customer's bank transfers to the fake bank account.

Customer's bank transfers to the fake bank account.

He would also tell customers that the company does not accept credit cards. So, some customers paid him in cash.

Ron reiterated that the company accepts credit card payments and won't ask for online payments linked to a mobile number. Instead, they will provide a UEN number for payments.

"Once you transfer this amount to him, trust me, nothing will happen. No door, gate, nothing will happen."

He also accused Travis of giving customers fake invoices and quotations for their purchases. Adding to this, he said the accused gave customers a "special discount" so that they didn't need to travel down to the showroom.

Also, when customers asked for additional purchases, some willingly paid via PayNow, without asking for an invoice.

While Travis was on medical leave for contracting Covid-19, the company received calls from customers demanding purchases that hadn't arrived.

This was when they found out that Travis made dealings with customers that were not recorded.

"Anything he promise you will not come true as many customers are looking for him," the Facebook post wrote.

Travis's employment with the company has since been terminated.

The company said a police report had been filed. Mothership has reached out to the Singapore Police Force for a statement.

What to do if you are involved?

The company said they'd spent two weeks collating orders that Travis had mishandled and hoped others who have also fallen victim would contact them soon.

Ron advised customers who had transferred Travis money for their My Digital Lock purchases to make a police report immediately.

After making a report, they can proceed to contact them. They stated that they would "bear the responsibility to complete the project".

They also sought their customers to do it as soon as possible so that they will be able to complete all installations by Hari Raya.

Customers can WhatsApp or call them at 91616282.

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