Circulating photo alerts people to 'fake' CPF letter scam, CPF says letter actually real


Ashley Tan | March 12, 2022, 02:01 PM

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Scams these days have evolved with increasing sophistry, so it is natural that people can be rather sceptical when encountering what appears to be official information.

A photo of a letter from the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) has been circulating on WhatsApp, emblazoned with the words "Scam alert.. Fake CPF letter. Warn all your friends or relatives".

Mothership reader said that the photo is accompanied by a message claiming the letter is fake:

"My friends sis received this letter fr CPF. She found something fishy. Contacted CPF. Their answer is they did not send the letter. So pls always remember to double check/reconfirm before you take further actions. There are scams all round, don"t be fooled jus bcos of govt envelope."

Here's the photo in question.

Photo from CPF / FB

Letter is not fake

Some might have been fooled into throwing away the "fake" CPFB letters, thinking they might be part of an elaborate scam.

The CPFB however, has clarified on Facebook that the letters are in fact, not fake.

It stated that the scam alert is false and the letter in the photo is legitimate.

CPFB urged anyone who is unsure to check with CPFB directly, and stated that making such wrongful claims is "unhelpful and irresponsible".

The Board added that whenever a new bank account is given, CPFB will verify it directly with the bank.

Thus, any CPF payouts will always go to the member.

You can view their Facebook post here.

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Top photo from CPF / FB