Man required 20 head stitches after being attacked from behind at Clarke Quay

The man suffered three scalp lacerations and his wound measured 10cm by 8cm.

Fiona Tan | March 24, 2022, 04:00 PM

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A 30-year-old man suffered three wounds on his head, which required two operations and 20 stitches after an unknown person allegedly attacked him with a sharp object at Clarke Quay on Mar. 20.

Birthday celebration went awry

Speaking to Mothership, the victim's girlfriend, surnamed Low, said her boyfriend, surnamed Chua, was celebrating a friend's birthday at a restaurant on Mar. 20.

Low said Chua left the restaurant briefly to purchase a drink from a nearby 7-11 convenience store at around 10:30pm.

Alone at that time, Chua was making his way to the convenience store when he was struck in the head from behind.

Overwhelmed by the blood that was gushing out of his wound and taken aback by the attack out of nowhere, Low said Chua does not remember if he turned around to identify and locate the attacker.

Low spoke to 8World News and said: "He didn't see who it was, and he doesn't remember if he turned around to check. He can't really remember what happened after the attack because it was all so sudden."

Attack happened in the vicinity of The Riverside Piazza

The attack happened at the 7-11 near the bus stop, which was near The Riverside Piazza where Keng Cheow Street intersects with Merchant Road, said Low based on Chua's recollection.

According to Google Maps, there is a 7-11 convenience store near a bus stop located in Central Square on Havelock Road.

Image screenshot from Google Maps.

Chua's body covered in blood

After being attacked, Chua walked back to the restaurant to ask his friends for help, and his friends called the ambulance.

Low said Chua's friend also called her to inform her about the attack and told her to rush over because "the blood seemed to be overflowing", and Chua was bleeding profusely.

In a video that Chua's friend took to show Low the condition Chua was in, two paramedics can be seen attending to Low, who was lying on the ground.

One of the paramedics was attending to Low's head, whose face was covered in blood, while another paramedic was attending to Low's hip area.

Low's shorts and lower legs had streaks of blood, and what looked like a wad of used blood-soaked tissues lay on his feet.


Doctor said Chua bludgeoned by 10cm long sharp object

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told 8World News that they received a call for assistance along Keng Cheow Street at 11.05pm on Mar. 20.

Low said Chua was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital, where he was found with a head wound measuring 10cm by 8cm.

Based on the size of the wound, the doctor deduced that Chua was attacked by a sharp object largely around 10cm.

Low said Chua suffered three scalp lacerations that required two operations and 20 stitches.

From the photos that Low shared with Mothership, there were three long gashes on Chua's head.


Image courtesy of Low.

Image courtesy of Low.

Chua had also lost an excessive amount of blood in the process, and Low said that two bags of blood were used during Chua's first operation.

Chua discharged from hospital

Low said Chua was discharged from the hospital on Mar. 23, but he still suffers from some dizziness.

She added that the incident has traumatised Low and hopes that the culprit will be identified and caught by the police.

A police report has been made, and police investigations are ongoing.

Separately, Low is appealing for eyewitnesses on Facebook and Instagram to give their accounts to her directly, or to the police.

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