Woman in China queues 2 hours for Covid-19 swab test, realises queue is for roast chicken at her turn

Roast chicken over swab tests any day.

Ashley Tan | March 18, 2022, 05:13 PM

It's always important to check the front of a queue before blindly joining the line.

Otherwise, you might end up like this woman from China who spent two hours queueing for the wrong thing.

Stood in line for two hours

Litchi News recently shared on Mar. 11 the rather hilarious experience of one Lena Lin from Hangzhou, in Zhejiang, China.

Covid-19 cases have been soaring in China recently, and the country is currently facing its worst outbreak in two years.

Schools and businesses are being locked down in certain cities, and citizens have been rushing to hospitals to obtain a negative Covid-19 test, reported The Guardian.

Lin was among the people heading out for a swab test.

She told Litchi News that she had woken up early that day, and saw a long queue when she neared the hospital. Unthinkingly, she joined the queue.

Photo from Litchi News / Weibo

Photo from Litchi News / Weibo

After standing in line for around two hours, she belatedly realised when it was nearly her turn that people were not doggedly queuing to a take swab test, but for roast chicken.

Considering the amount of time she had already spent in line, Lin decided to buy two roast chickens and return home.

Photo from Litchi News / Weibo


Many Chinese netizens were amused by the incident.

However, some suggested that Lin might have faked her experience to get clout, stating that the hospital and the roast chicken restaurant are at different locations.

Here's a translation of the comments in the above screenshot:

"Hahahahahaha so funny! How good is this roast chicken?"

"Since you have queued, must as well get one."

"Remember to keep a safe distance, even though it's for buying roast chicken."

"The queue for the roast chicken and the hospital are not at the same location. There are queues for Wu Shan roast chicken every day. Could this be a skit?"

Top photo from Litchi News / Weibo