Playful chimpanzee throws rock at zoo visitors, its parent takes cane out to whack it

Poor guy.

Zi Shan Kow | March 20, 2022, 04:50 PM

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Chimpanzees are one of the limited number of animals that know how to use tools.

And just like humans, it turns out that one such tool is a cane, which they also use to discipline their offspring.

A Weibo meme page shared a 9-second video on Mar. 13, where a juvenile chimpanzee was seen hurling a rock towards the edge of the zoo enclosure.

The camera then zoomed in on one witness, who blinked at him in a look of confusion and disbelief.

Then, a larger chimpanzee, presumably the young chimpanzee's parent, entered the frame.

The senior chimpanzee emerged from behind the smaller chimpanzee brandishing a tree branch, with leaves still attached, over its head.

The young chimpanzee turned around, saw his life flash before its eyes, and made a run for it.

But not before the parent brought the cane down on it five times in quick succession.

Responses to the video

The post garnered over 467,000 likes and 20,000 shares on Weibo.

Many online found the scene hilarious and praised the parent for disciplining the offspring by not sparing the rod.

Some even pointed out that the chimpanzee had better parenting skills than some parents.

A few were also sympathetic towards the juvenile, who probably didn't know better but still had the life beaten out of him.

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