Community cat water bowl allegedly filled with pee by disgusting human being in S'pore


Belmont Lay | March 30, 2022, 03:45 PM

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A community cat water bowl left out in the open was recently found to have been filled with a yellow substance suspected to be human urine.

The discovery of the unsavoury waste matter mixed into a cat's drinking bowl was called out by the Singapore Cat Feeders Instagram page in post on March 27.

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The post said the bowl containing a yellow liquid was discovered on Sunday morning.

The caption on the post read: "This is human pee (gross and smelly)"

Pee aimed into bowl

In response to queries about how it was ascertained that the bowl contained human waste, Singapore Cat Feeders said: "Due to the accuracy and the direction of how the pee landed in the bowl, one may determine it was from a human."

"There is a possibility that this was poured directly into the bowl, then dripped off to the side, as evident in the photo. There was also a pee smell emanating from the bowl."

Happened in Chinatown

Singapore Cat Feeders also added that when the discovery was made in the Chinatown area some time between 7:30am and 8:30am, the pee was "still wet and dripping all over the place", with the pee on the ground not dried up.

It also said this was not the first time something like this has happened.

Singapore Cat Feeders said: "This happens more often that one might think is possible."

"The effort that humans go through to collect their pee or hold their pee, then bend down and pour it into the water bowl, speaks volumes about the cat-hating culture in our society that needs to be corrected."

Such incidents were observed to have happened with lesser frequency during the Covid-19 pandemic due to restricted movements, Singapore Cat Feeders added, and has recently “resurrected” in the last six months.

Stand up for the cats

The advice for members of the public who witness such acts of malfeasance is to stand up to the culprits.

Singapore Cat Feeders said: "Be brave enough to stand up for the voiceless, approach the elderly, usually male, to stop doing this because the kitties are sentient beings who also need water and food."

"The kitties did not choose to be unwanted, they were once domesticated and lived in homes but are now abandoned due to the failings of humans -- which stems from a deeper problem at large."

Top photos via Singapore Cat Feeders Instagram

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