Hong Kong won't follow S'pore in easing Covid-19 restrictions for now: Carrie Lam

Hong Kong's Covid-19 measures have driven an exodus of residents.

Matthias Ang | March 24, 2022, 09:09 PM

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Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam has dismissed questions as to whether the city will follow Singapore in easing measures over Covid-19, Bloomberg reported.

Lam: Hong Kong remains an "attractive" financial centre

Speaking at the same time as Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on March 24, Lam said that she was confident Hong Kong will be able to continue discussions about re-opening its border with China and the rest of the world, once the current Covid-19 wave subsides.

When asked if Hong Kong would follow Singapore in easing measures, Lam said that there was no "one-size fits all" approach.

She was quoted as saying, "It’s not meaningful to ask us to choose, whether you’re going for route A or route B. We’ll have to adjust and do whatever is in the best interest of Hong Kong."

AFP further reported that Lam also defended her administration's approach and reiterated that Hong Kong still retains its status as an "attractive" financial centre.

She added, "The policies and measures to be adopted by each government in combating Covid differ."

Hong Kong's Covid-19 policy has driven an exodus of people

The Financial Times further reported that the severity of Hong Kong's Covid-19 policy has driven an exodus of people from the city.

The city recorded a net loss of 65,295 residents in February and another 40,920 by the middle of March.

On March 21, Lam announced that she would remove a flight ban on nine countries, including the U.S. and UK, for Hong Kong residents and reduce the quarantine duration for inbound travellers from 14 days to seven.

This change will take place on April 1.

However, no changes have been announced for social distancing measures.

Many business groups have also warned that damage has been done to Hong Kong's economy as a result of the measures.

Thus far, Hong Kong has recorded over 1 million cases and more than 5,600 deaths, more than the official toll for mainland China.

These figures were mostly lodged under three months since the Omicron wave began.

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Top image via Carrie Lam Facebook