Australians think made-in-S'pore Milo is 'terrible' & not 'real Milo'

"Trust me you don’t want to waste your money on the one made in Singapore, it’s terrible," wrote one Australian.

Low Jia Ying | March 09, 2022, 02:47 PM

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Milo, the number one powdered drink served for supper in Singapore, is also a familiar breakfast drink for many around the world, especially in South East Asia and in Milo's country of origin -- Australia.

So much so that a change in recipe was enough to set alarm bells ringing for some Australian mothers, who found that their newly-purchased tins of Milo tasted "terrible" and did not taste like "real Milo".

One mother realised that this was because the tin of Milo she had purchased from supermarket chain Aldi was made in Singapore, and took to Facebook group "Aldi Mums" to warn others about her discovery.

"Tasted really weird and had a weird texture"

According to Australian news media 7News, the Australian woman said of the made-in-Singapore Milo: "Last week I bought a tin from Aldi, it tasted really weird and had a weird texture."

She decided to call Nestle to find out what went wrong in her Milo, and was told that their 1.25kg tins sold in Aldi was being made in Singapore while the machines in Australia were being updated.

"Make sure you check the back of the tin if you want MILO that actually tastes like MILO (trust me you don’t want to waste your money on the one made in Singapore, it’s terrible),” she added.

She attached a picture of the back of the tin, which read, "Made in Singapore, Packed in Australia".

Photo via Kean Lau/FB.

More Australians pile on with angry comments

Other customers, upon seeing the woman's post, piled on with more comments bashing Singapore-made Milo.

According to 7News, one comment read: "Oh my gosh! I literally had a glass of MILO and couldn’t stomach it! I thought my taste buds had changed being an adult with responsibilities, but I think I had the Singapore one! It tastes nothing like my childhood.”

Another claimed they took a Covid-19 test after thinking they lost their sense of taste after having Singapore Milo: "Purchased another bottle of milk cause I thought the milk was off. And all along it was the damn 1.5kg MILO!"

Another person said: "That explains the taste. I thought I was going mad."

Nestle Australia admits taste "not quite the same"

Responding to queries from both 7News and the Daily Mail, Nestle Australia acknowledged that the taste of Singapore and Australian Milo were "not quite the same", but said that the recipes were "very similar".

Nestle Australia explained that their Australian factories were undergoing an upgrade, and imported Milo from their Singapore factory to ensure that customers would still get their supply of Milo in the meantime.

They assured Australians, however, that this arrangement was just "for a very limited time" and customers who were dissatisfied with their Milo products could go back to Aldi for a full refund or exchange.

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Top photo via Kean Lau/FB