95-octane petrol crosses S$3 per litre mark in S'pore

The rest of the petrol stations inch closer to S$3 per litre mark.

Belmont Lay | March 07, 2022, 04:26 PM

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Petrol prices in Singapore surged higher in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Shell raised prices of with 95 and 98-octane fuel by S$0.21 per litre on March 7, according to Fuel Kaki that tracks prices of fuel.

Caltex and Esso last updated their prices on March 4.

Shell diesel: From S$2.42 to S$2.67

Caltex diesel: From S$2.42 to S$2.58

Esso diesel: From S$2.39 to S$2.55

Caltex 92-octane: From S$2.72 to S$2.92

Esso 92-octane: From S$2.80 to S$2.91

Shell 95-octane: S$2.85 to S$3.06

Caltex 95-octane:S$2.85 to S$2.98

Esso 95-octane: S$2.84 to S$2.95

Shell 98-octane: S$3.34 to S$3.55

Caltex 98-octane: S$3.51 to S$3.64

Esso 98-octane: S$3.31 to S$3.42

Supply concerns exacerbated by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have compounded pent-up demand for oil globally as countries recover from the pandemic.

Reuters reported Brent crude oil prices to have hit US$139.13 a barrel in early trade on March 7.

Prices could surpass US$150 a barrel in the short term.

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