War footage emerges from Ukraine

Raw footage of war came out of Ukraine almost immediately after attacks on its soil occurred.

Belmont Lay | February 24, 2022, 03:11 PM

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Russia has acted on its declaration of war on Ukraine.

Footage of explosions and military forces landing in Ukraine have trickled out onto social media.

Following Russian president Vladimir Putin's national address announcing a military operation in Ukraine, the official Twitter account of Ukraine hit back by posting an illustration of two figures, purportedly Adolf Hitler and Putin, having a moment.

The propaganda machines of nations involved in the conflict are likely to up the ante in the coming hours, effectively making this the first war between two nations to be fought on TikTok and other major social media platforms.

Raw footage of war disseminated

Raw footage of war came out of Ukraine almost immediately after attacks on its soil occurred.

They have added a new dimension to the conflict in the era of TikTok and instantaneous narrowcasting communications.

The immediacy and intimacy of these footage shot from the ground show how the conflict is unfolding, with the possibility of fake footage being circulated to further muddy the facts under the fog of war.

Footage reportedly shot from a Russian tank rolling into Ukraine.

Footage of a missile reportedly hitting an airport in western Ukraine.

The aftermath of missile strikes reportedly in Khariv.

An army base reportedly being shelled in the Vinnitsiya region.

Tanks reportedly moving from Crimea to Ukraine.

Live commentary reportedly occurring on the ground as missiles were seen fired reveal the deadpan humour in the face of war.

The air strikes that occurred in Ukraine reportedly occurred all over the country and not just in the east.

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