St Andrew's JC student Priyanka does TikTok rap video to win votes for student council spot, wins Internet instead

She's a real G.

Joshua Lee | February 28, 2022, 03:28 PM

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The latest TikTok video to make the rounds in Singapore features a rap performance by a junior college student spitting bars of fire.

Check it out:

@pronkers vote R11😎😎 #whysa #whydontwe ♬ original sound - priyanka😋

That's Priyanka -- who puts the "P" in empathy, by the way -- a candidate running for a spot on the 45th Student Council at St. Andrew's Junior College.

And judging from the bars that she was spitting, she really got the "oratory skills to voice opinions".

There's more to like about Priyanka's rap video.

From the hilarious posse who are clearly dancing with as much gusto as they can, to the smooth camera work, to Priyanka's moves which are dripping with swag, the TikTok video has been a hit, garnering over 61,300 likes and more than 1,500 comments.

It even spun a wild series of hilarious scenarios of Priyanka being a real G:

And, of course, there are reaction TikToks:

@_krystajoy PRIYANKA SUPREMACY #whysa #r11 #fyp ♬ Wannabe - Spice Girls

@spark1869 At this rate, the next GE would be on tik tok🙉🙊🙈 #whysa #sgtiktok #fypシ゚viral ♬ Head vs. Heart - kyo

@bukittimahpoly SLAYYYYYY #singapore #studentlife #jctok #whysa ♬ original sound - Meme-Ann Poly

@saintswaterpolo Reply to @pronkers Hi Priyanka, do you want to put the P in water Polo for us? ❤️🫂 #sajc#satok#jctok#fyp#tiktoksg#whysa#waterpolo #fypsg#sg ♬ original sound - SAJC Water Polo

No prizes for guessing who we're rooting for.

Top images via TikTok.

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