TTSH: Security officer who was rude to elderly couple at hospital entrance removed from duties

The elderly man needed help and more time to get onto the wheel chair.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 25, 2022, 03:17 PM

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A security officer was caught on camera appearing rude and hostile to an elderly couple and their family at the entrance of Tan Tock Seng hospital on a rainy day.

The video was first posted on TikTok and later went viral on other social media platforms too.

What happened?

In the two-minute video, an elderly man was seen being carried out of a small lorry by his son, while another man pushed the wheelchair over.

The elderly man took a while to steady himself before he was seated on to the wheel chair.

The security guard clapped twice to hurry the family along.

The security guard was heard telling the family to park further down the road a few times while the son and the elderly woman gestured to him that the elderly man needed more time to get onto the wheelchair safely.

The security guard later told the son that the lorry was blocking the road and it could create a jam as more vehicles entered the hospital.

He told the son who went back to the lorry to drive the vehicle away: "But rule is rule, you go in front hor. Don't park here!"

Out of exasperation, the elderly woman also raised her voice at the security guard and said: "I said sorry ok! I said sorry!"

She later spoke in dialect to explain to the security guard that they didn't have a choice as the elderly couple cannot walk too far.

The security guard then continued with his duty.

The person who supposedly witnessed this scene and later posted this video online asked, "Why the security guard didn't show some sympathy?"

@bendyeo87Why the security guard didn’t show some sympathy? 😭😭😭. Single zigzag line can do immediate drop-off right?♬ original sound - Benedict Yeo

TTSH: Security officer removed from duties at the hospital

Addressing the incident, TTSH said on Facebook that they were alerted to the incident on Feb. 24 night.

TTSH said the officer has been removed from his duties while the hospital investigates the matter with the security management company AETOS.

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Top image via Bendyeo87/TikTok