Rui En felt 'relief' at finally testing positive for Covid-19

She has recovered.

Mandy How | February 15, 2022, 03:24 PM

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Rui En may have gotten Covid-19, but the actress actually "felt more relief" about it as she's "always hated suspense."

The 41-year-old revealed she had contracted the virus in an Instagram post on Feb. 13, she had contracted the virus earlier that week.

After living for two years with the pandemic and going through the grief, anxiety, depression and fear associated with it, her reaction to finally testing positive was, "Oh, so this is it? Really?!"

However, the celeb also acknowledged that she was "blessed" to be infected with the milder variant, which led to minimal symptoms.

She experienced a cough, runny nose, insomnia, and a sore throat that went away after a couple of days. There was no fever or body ache in her case.

"I am also aware that if I had caught Delta instead I absolutely would not be feeling this way, because I had friends who caught that and it sounded like hell on earth," she added.

Rui En's living situation enabled her to isolate with little fuss, as she does not have any elderly or children under the same roof.

Reflecting on the episode, she shared her main takeaway of living (responsibly) with the virus instead of letting it rule her life.

"But I thought this was another great example of how we make the boogeymen bigger than they really are in our minds.


Guys, stay vigilant and socially responsible, but no need to let fear rule your life. By no means am I advocating for u to rip off your mask and kiss a stranger on the street, but haven't we put our lives on hold long enough?"

On Feb. 15, the actress updated her followers by showing her negative ART (Antigen Rapid Test) result:

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