McDonald’s China serves coriander McFlurry for a few days

Hello? Police?

Belmont Lay | February 25, 2022, 04:18 AM

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McDonald’s in China has launched the coriander McFlurry.

The limited-edition dessert blends ice cream with coriander to the surprise and chagrin of people who like or despise coriander.

The fast-food chain’s classic vanilla soft serve is combined with coriander crumbs and is drizzled with bright green lemon and coriander sauce.

And it won't be served for long as it is apparently only on sale from Feb. 21 to 25, United Daily News reported.


Responses on social media are divided, with many calling for calm, death to it, or the police.

One person who liked it wrote: “Cilantro ice cream is really f***ing good.”

“Anyone who hasn’t tried it should - spicy and sweet/creamy, does amazing things on your tastebuds.”

Coriander is also known as cilantro in the United States.

A slightly less enthused commenter wrote: “This is a crime against humanity.”

“I’m literally shaking and crying and throwing up at how offensive this is,” another wrote.

Still another wrote: “If hell exists, I would be force fed this all day long. Seriously though, even if you like cilantro would you want THIS? I puke a little every time I look at it.”

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