Mark Lee & Marcus Chin tested positive for Covid-19 before CNY & had reunion dinner by themselves

They have since recovered.

Kayla Wong | February 06, 2022, 09:44 PM

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Local comedians and actors Mark Lee and Marcus Chin contracted Covid-19 right before Chinese New Year (CNY), and had to spend the first few days of the festivities by themselves, Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) reported.

Lee had reunion dinner alone, "facing the mirror"

Lee told SMDN he tested positive on Jan. 29 at around 6pm.

He said he had a slight cough and exhibited other cold-related symptoms, but did not have a fever and felt "alert".

Upon realising that he was down with Covid-19, Lee isolated himself in a room away from his family, and sanitised the area a few times a day.

Meanwhile, his three children only went to school after they tested negative for the virus using antigen rapid test (ART) kits, he told SMDN.

He also missed his reunion meal with his mother, wife and children, and joked that he ate by himself "facing the mirror". His meal consisted of plain porridge and eggs cooked with preserved radish that his helper prepared.

Commenting on his time in isolation, Lee said it was not tough at all, and that it felt like the time when he was under quarantine after he flew to Taiwan.

He eventually recovered a few days later, testing negative for the virus in the morning and at around 3pm on Feb. 5.

Chin recovered in time for a performance on Feb. 3

As for Chin, he also tested positive for Covid-19 on Jan. 29. Unlike Lee, he felt slightly feverish, and he had a sore throat in addition to a cough.

He told SMDN that he immediately isolated himself, and had takeaway for his reunion dinner which his assistant brought over.

He also prayed that he could recover in time for a performance on Feb. 3, which was the third day of CNY.

Chin got what he wanted, and tested negative for the virus on the morning of Feb. 3.

"I'm already 69 years old, but recovered really quickly, just five days!" he said, adding that he was fortunate that the symptoms were not severe, and that he did not lose his sense of smell.

Richard Low recovered in time for CNY

Besides Lee and Chin, actor Richard Low came down with Covid-19 as well.

He told SMDN that after he started experiencing a fever, sore throat, a cough and a runny nose on Jan. 18, he went to see a doctor.

However, he tested negative for Covid-19.

After taking some medication, he felt fine except for a sore throat, and went to work as usual on Jan. 21, shooting an advertisement which also involved Lee, Patricia Mok, Benz Hui and other celebrities.

However, after filming, he felt unwell and cancelled dinner plans with some of his friends in the entertainment business, before going to see the doctor again.

This time, he tested positive for Covid-19.

He eventually tested negative on Jan. 27, right in time for CNY, which started on Feb. 1 this year.

Even so, he continued to test himself till Jan. 30 to make sure that he was fully recovered.

Having received his booster jab, he also said that his symptoms were very mild as compared to his friends who were only a year or two older than him, but had not received their booster shots in time before they contracted Covid-19.

Top image via Mark Lee & Marcus Chin's Facebook pages

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