2 kissing men videobomb CNA journalist live reporting Beijing Winter Olympics

They probably knew exactly what they were doing.

Tanya Ong | February 07, 2022, 01:54 PM

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A short clip of two men spontaneously kissing in the background on camera during a CNA broadcast in Beijing has gone viral on social media platforms.

The full clip was shared to Instagram and TikTok, as well as on Weibo.

Kiss on camera

CNA reporter Low Minmin was reporting live from a pub where a local watch party for the Beijing Winter Olympics was being held.

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics took place on Feb. 4.

At the beginning of the clip, the two men could be seen in the background.

At the 4-second mark, the man in the patterned sweater glances at the reporter and in the direction of the camera.

He later cocked his head towards the reporter before setting his beer down and re-entering the frame with his partner, locked in embrace.

They shared what appears to be a rather passionate kiss.

Screenshot via Weibo.

Before leaving the frame, one of the men turns and looks straight at the camera, suggesting that they knew exactly what they were doing.

Screenshot via Weibo.

The reporter, as well as other pub patrons, appeared relatively unperturbed by the incident.

Homosexuality in Beijing

Beijing has a gay nightlife scene with venues aimed specifically at attracting gay customers, according to The Economist back in 2019.

However, homosexuality remains a controversial topic in China in the legal and moral spheres with debates surrounding guardianship appointments and a recent government crackdown on LGBTQ representation.

Homosexual acts were decriminalised in China in 1997.

According to SCMP, consensual sexual acts between same sex individuals were previously considered "hooliganism". Those found guilty could be punished to imprisonment or even execution.

In 2001, new guidelines by the Chinese Psychiatric Association dropped homosexuality from the list of psychiatric disorders.

Top photo via Weibo.