KFC S'pore replaces french fries with waffle hash due to 'global supply disruption'

Fries are in limited supply.

Joshua Lee | February 16, 2022, 09:02 PM

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If you are a fan of KFC's french fries, you might have noticed something strange lately:

Not a french fry, obviously. Image by Joshua Lee.

This is a waffle hash that KFC has been quietly substituting its french fries with thanks to a "global supply disruption".

I first encountered the waffle hash on Monday (Feb. 14) when I had a KFC Zinger Box delivered from an outlet in Boon Keng.

I encountered it again today (Feb. 16) at the KFC outlet in Greenridge Shopping Centre. This time, there was a sign at the counter explaining why I was getting four pieces of waffle hash instead of the usual packet of fries:

Image by Joshua Lee.

It seems that KFC is substituting fries at selected outlets. A colleague had cheese fries delivered from an outlet in Jurong, although she qualified that it was "quite little".

A quick search on KFC's Facebook page revealed a comment by the fast-food chain, confirming that there are restaurants still serving french fries, although it is in limited supply.

Take note that you're unable to upsize your packet of french fries for the time being.

We have reached out to KFC Singapore for more information and will update this article when we hear back from them.

Until then, enjoy your waffle hash.

Top images by Joshua Lee.

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