Iris Koh, Healing the Divide founder, raises S$96,000 in just 1 week to foot legal fees

People giving money for her cause.

Belmont Lay | February 18, 2022, 03:14 AM

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Iris Koh, who is the founder of anti-vaccine group, Healing the Divide, managed to raise some S$96,000 in one week to pay her legal fees in court hearings in the near future.

The 46-year-old is headed to court for allegedly lying to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Her target was to raise S$100,000 in donations.

She shared in her Healing the Divide group’s Telegram channel on Feb. 15 morning that she had almost raised the target amount in just one week.

Her message was to show appreciation to her supporters.

She wrote: “Also updates on fund raising, almost reach... $96016.01. I will give more detailed updates soon.”

However, she did not provide proof that the money was raised by that day of her announcement.

She did disclose that some S$49,000 were raised from just 280 people within two days.

Will put donations into crypto wallet

More jarring was a message that informed donors and the group's members that donations will be converted into crypto assets and put into a crypto wallet.

The message said the transfer was to keep the money out of reach of the government.

The message read:

We do not know whether the proceedings are politically motivated, and we are concerned that the government can do to our funds which is to be used for proceedings.

As such, we would transfer this funds to our crypto wallets for safeguarding. We are not saying that the government would or not do this, but we are concerned about what they can do and we have to prevent that from happening within legal means.

Video appeal taken down

Her video appeal, which saw her appear emotional while asking for financial support, was subsequently removed.

The video contained several wild statements.

On top of saying she will declare to the public when the donation goal is reached, Koh also gave her assurance that any leftover money will go towards other legal efforts for Healing the Divide community.

This includes helping members make employment claims, as well as suing Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and the government “for judicial review”.

Timeline of events

Koh was initially denied bail on Jan. 23, during her first court appearance.

She was charged with allegedly conspiring to falsify vaccination records and tearing up a police statement.

On Feb. 4, she was released after her husband put up a S$20,000 bail, only to be slapped with another fresh charge.

Background on Iris Koh's two charges

Number of charges currently: 2

Jan. 23: Charged with one count of conspiring with a doctor, Jipson Quah, to cheat MOH.

They allegedly passed off unvaccinated people as vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine.

Charged subsequently upgraded to criminal conspiracy to give a false representation to MOH, which is a more serious charge.

Feb. 4 Charged with obstructing a police inspector from carrying out her duties.

Koh had allegedly, in lockup, tore up a copy of the police statement that she refused to sign.

Koh will appear in court again on March 14.

Koh is also under investigation for allegedly attempting to disrupt operations at pediatric vaccination centers and flooding public health hotlines.

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