S'pore Grab driver receives S$80 red packet from generous passenger

Festive spirit.

Jane Zhang | February 08, 2022, 02:26 PM

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Roughly half of this year's 15 days of Chinese New Year celebrations have passed so far, and many people in Singapore continue to celebrate by visiting their families, giving out ang baos (red packets), and partaking in other traditions.

On Sunday (Feb. 7), one Grab driver was on the receiving end of a passenger's Chinese New Year goodwill.

Received S$80 ang bao

In a post on Sunday in a Facebook group for private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers, Grab driver David Yao said that he did not expect to receive any red packets, but was pleasantly surprised by a female passenger.

He posted a picture of the money from the red packet, adding that he was even more surprised that the passenger was "so generous":

Photo via Facebook / David Yao.

In a reply to a Facebook comment, Yao added that he was "shocked" to see the blue S$50 note after pulling the three $10 notes out of the red packet.

For context, token red packets given to non-family members typically contain S$4 to S$8, which is why the amount Yao received was considered abnormally large.

Fellow PHV drivers comment

A number of fellow drivers expressed their happiness for Yao's good fortune in receiving the generous red packet.

Some others joked that the passenger had probably given Yao the wrong red packet, and that the one that he received was actually meant for her family member.

Other drivers also receive ang baos

Several other PHV drivers also posted in the Facebook group about receiving red packets from kind customers.

Photo screenshot via Facebook / Professional PHV Drivers Singapore.

Photo screenshot via Facebook / Professional PHV Drivers Singapore.

One driver said that he had been working as a PHV driver for five years but had never before received a red packet from a passenger.

This year, though, he said that an elderly woman gave him one. Although it only had S$4 inside, he said that he was still "very appreciate (sic)".

Photo screenshot via Facebook / Professional PHV Drivers Singapore.

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Top photos via Facebook / Professional PHV Drivers Singapore.