S'pore Foodpanda rider delivers drinks directly to student in lecture theatre, lecturer allows it

Possibly a Valentine's Day gift.

Low Jia Ying | February 22, 2022, 07:18 PM

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A Foodpanda rider in Singapore went quite literally the extra mile to complete a delivery to a student -- in the middle of a lecture.

The entire incident was caught on TikTok by Power 98 DJ Jerald Justin Ko, who was attending the same lecture.

The TikTok video on Feb. 15 has been watched some 800,000 times.


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Lecturer points out where student is sitting

In the middle of what appears to be an ongoing lecture, a Foodpanda delivery rider can be seen standing at the doorway to the lecture theatre, drink delivery in hand.

The lecturer helpfully points out the location of the intended recipient -- who was probably dying of embarrassment -- who then endures the class-full of stares as rider walks across the lecture theatre to reach the student.

Students can be heard cheering and clapping, with one shouting: "Give angbao (red packet), give angbao."

Woman appears embarrassed

Ko pans his camera and zooms into the student in question -- a woman seated in the fourth row of the lecture theatre.

Visibly embarrassed by all the attention, the woman laughs and covers her face.

Her classmate offers her a comforting pat on the arm.

As the rider dutifully makes his way to the woman's seat, someone can be heard exclaiming: "Wah, to the seat you know!"

As he completes the order, the same person shouted: "Five star, five star rating!"

Quite possibly a Valentine's Day gift

Many commended the rider for going above and beyond to complete the delivery.

Commenters also praised him for enduring the embarrassment in front of a lecture full of people.

Some pointed out how rude it was for the student to call in a food delivery in the middle of a class.

Ko, however, speculated that the woman was not the one who placed the order.

As this incident occurred on Valentine's Day, Ko said the delivery may have been a surprise from a crush or a boyfriend.

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All photos via @power98jk/TikTok