European polyglot TV journalist speaks 6 languages while reporting on Russia invasion of Ukraine

Philip Crowther spoke in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Alfie Kwa | February 25, 2022, 06:24 PM

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British-German-Luxembourgian journalist, Philip Crowther, was filmed delivering his live reports on the Russia-Ukraine war in six different languages.

Crowther, who works as an International Affiliate Correspondent for the Associated Press (AP), posted a montage video of his report on his Twitter page on Feb. 21, which has since gone viral with 24.2 million views and more than 34,500 retweets so far.

Reporting in six languages

The minute-long video showed Crowther reporting from Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, against the backdrop of Kyiv's Freedom Square.

The video Crowther tweeted showed him speaking in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German – in that order.

Many netizens were impressed by the 41-year-old polyglot.

One said: "Wooowwwwww! How tf can anyone switch like that?!!"

While another said that his German "is even a bit too good".

Crowther also captured the hearts of some female Twitter users.

"Oh my God is this man married?? If he’s not where can I submit my application?" a Twitter user said.

Others commented that they didn't know the language Luxembourgish existed.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Luxembourgish is a "Moselle-Franconian dialect of the West Middle German group".

While he's gained a lot of his recognition from his latest video, it isn't the first time Crowther posted his live reporting in multiple languages on social media.

He often shares videos of his coverage of various U.S. and global news events on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He covered the closing ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in six languages, amongst others.

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Crowther's background

According to Daily Mail, Crowther was born in Luxembourg to a British father and German mother.

On his LinkedIn page,  he wrote that he has been working at AP since 2019 and he was previously a White House correspondent at France24.

He is also an alum of the University of the Arts London and King's College London.

Crowther is currently based in Washington DC.

In May 2021, Crowther was doing a live broadcast near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, U.S., when gunshots were fired in the vicinity.

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In his video posted on Instagram, at least 30 shots were fired while Crowther was at the scene.


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Top images via Crowther's Twitter.