S'pore influencer names & shames online users who make degrading comments about her chest

The consequences of cyberbullying.

Mandy How | February 23, 2022, 05:38 PM

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Singapore influencer Chrysan Lee is showing the consequences to those who think they can comment anything they want and get away with it.

The 26-year-old, who is also a talent with YouTube channel Wah!Banana, recently received a deluge of unsavoury comments on her TikTok account.

Lee was showing her followers a top that she liked in a video on Feb. 21.

@chrysanleeI love this top too much♬ world is spinning - 💌

However, among some 800 comments on the post were users who made demeaning jokes about her chest size.

To stand up for herself, Lee compiled these comments and put them in an Instagram post.

"Shame. Do you see how ugly their personalities are?

I f*cking love my small boobs and my body, and I am proud of the way I was born and given."

She added that she will continue to leave the comments section of her TikTok open, so that everyone can see the comments for themselves.

Lee then called out these men for hiding behind their screens to put others down.

She challenged them to leave their comments with a legitimate profile that shows their faces, so their friends and families can see them for who they are.

Even those who encourage such comments are complicit in the harassment, she added.

In another note, Lee addressed women who might be going through a similar situation as her.

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Revealing their faces

Besides the post, the influencer also shared on her Instagram Stories the profiles of some commenters.

Lee also addressed why it was not simply a "block and move on" situation, as some users have asked her to do so.

With past experiences of being constantly harassed and even put in real life danger, the influencer believes that keeping silent is not the right way to deal the issue.

She added that one of the men who had left a rude comment apologised (and was thus not featured in her name and shame), and thanked everyone who had sent their support.

Top image via Chrysan Lee's TikTok and Instagram pages