Monkey causes commotion at Chongfu School in Yishun, principal tells teachers to close doors & windows

This could have happened anywhere in Singapore.

Belmont Lay | February 21, 2022, 02:59 AM

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A monkey purportedly caused a commotion at Chongfu School in Yishun on Feb. 17 during the morning session, Shin Min Daily News reported, which then resulted in the principal stepping in to ask teachers to close the doors and windows of classrooms.

The incident at 9am on Thursday came to light after a 46-year-old parent of a student at the co-ed primary school alerted the Chinese newspaper.

The monkey was spotted making its way up onto the roof of the four-storey school building.

Students warned about monkeys

The parent claimed that the school had just reminded students to watch out for monkeys on Wednesday, a day before the monkey showed up and caught students' and teachers' attention.

The school had also previously told its students to avoid the areas where monkeys congregate, according to the parent.

Parents not told about monkey in school

The parent said a group of them have been speculating if there was only one monkey or a troop of monkeys, as they have not been informed by the school about the incident.

This appeared to be the sole motivation the parent went to the press -- wanting to hear more about the monkey situation in the school.

No one hurt

A 42-year-old parent told Shin Min that he heard about the monkey's appearance at school from his nine-year-old son, and that no one was hurt.

The boy told Shin Min that his friend screamed in horror when he saw a monkey jumping onto the roof.

Shin Min, however, did mention if the boy was exaggerating.

The principal then said via the school's internal broadcasting system that teachers are required to lock the doors and windows of the classrooms, but students could still go to the tuck shop to eat as usual during breaks, according to the Chinese newspaper.

More than one monkey?

A domestic worker interviewed by Shin Min said she heard from her employer's Primary 4 and Primary 6 children that there are three monkeys.

Not only that, the monkeys were at one point locked together in the toilet.

But when a security guard went to open the door, the monkeys fled.

A cleaner at the school also said personnel were called upon to locate the monkeys.

However, based on the way the story was reported, the three monkeys situation appeared to refer to another incident that had occurred earlier.

How to negotiate with monkeys if you are a student:

Top photos via Google Maps & ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore)

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