China is now telling its citizens in Ukraine not to display any ‘identifying signs’ in reversal of policy

Don't do it.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 26, 2022, 08:12 PM

China's embassy in Ukraine had earlier issued an advisory to its citizens, warning them that the situation has "deteriorated sharply" following the launch of military operations and bombings by Russia in some cities.

The post, put up on its WeChat page, called on Chinese citizens and employees at Chinese-funded enterprises to remain at home and stay away from windows and glass to avoid accidental injuries.

They should also remain in contact with various Chinese associations and representatives in the country, and keep an eye on updates released by verified social media accounts and official channels, the Chinese embassy added.

In addition, those travelling by car are advised to check if they can refuel, as a precaution against the closure of petrol stations and by extension, a situation of getting stuck.

The embassy also suggested that they should stick the national flag on their cars, presumably for the sake of protection from armed attacks.

The Chinese embassy in Ukraine has now appears to have reversed its stance on the flag issue.

The Chinese embassy is now urging its nationals in Ukraine to maintain friendly relations with the Ukrainian people, avoid disputes, and not display any identifying signs.

They also told Chinese nationals to not display their identification card unnecessarily.

They are also advised not to take pictures of the conflict or the people involved in it. They also warned their nationals against taking up mercenary roles.

Left photo Weibo/right photo Russia Ministry of Defence Facebook