S'pore boyfriend rents Vespa with sidecar for romantic anniversary, gets girlfriend drenched in rain

Love is kind, love is patient. Love is also wet.

Belmont Lay | February 23, 2022, 12:51 PM

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A woman in Singapore took to TikTok on Feb. 19 to share about her boyfriend renting a Vespa with sidecar to celebrate their anniversary.

The romantic outing on the three-wheeler with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram design also came with a matching LV helmet.

She wrote in the video's caption: "This man really outdid himself ❤️"


@candycoconut96 This man really outdid himself ❤️🥲 #fyp #tiktoksg🇸🇬 #boyfriend #relationshipgoals ♬ Little Einsteins - Princess Mia

But clearly life has other plans.

Rain made it more romantic

In another TikTok video on Feb. 20, the woman shared that both her and her boyfriend were drenched in a torrential downpour while out riding.

Footage of them in the rain were taken by another vehicle behind them.

@candycoconut96 Why people don’t buy Vespas HAHAHAHA #fyp #tiktoksg🇸🇬 #vespa #sgtiktok ♬ motorcycle dududu - FUNNY

The caption of her video said: "Why people don’t buy Vespas HAHAHAHA"

Hahahahahappy anniversary indeed.

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