'Ah Girls Go Army' makes S$1.15 million within 3 days of movie's official opening

Jack Neo makes movies that make money, even when they are not evenly received by the public.

Belmont Lay | February 04, 2022, 06:29 AM

As expected, Jack Neo is raking in the money with his latest movie, Ah Girls Go Army.

In a celebratory video put up on social media on Feb. 3, the 62-year-old Singaporean director and Cultural Medallion recipient shared that Ah Girls Go Army has made S$1.15 million at the box office.

According to the post's caption, Neo wrote that the S$1 million milestone was reached in six days.

However, it is unclear why Neo mentioned six days as the movie's official opening date was Feb. 1, 2022 -- unless he took into account the movie previews prior to the actual opening date.

Nonetheless, Neo's caption, in Chinese, read:

Six days was all it took to break the S$1 million mark. Thank you for all your support. We will continue to do our best. We have made S$1.15 million so far. All of us behind the scenes would like to thank our supporters. Continue to get your family and friends down to the cinema to catch the movie.

Record production time

Ah Girls Go Army is the fifth film in the Ah Boys To Men franchise, all of which were directed by Neo.

The latest take on women serving national service essentially imagines what it is like when they have to take up arms and train to protect the country.

The movie effectively went from production to the big screen in just 2.5 months.

The first four Ah Boys To Men movies, after the first one came out in November 2012, have so far grossed over S$26.8 million in theatres, making it one of the most lucrative movie series in Singapore's history

This fifth movie looks set to be the highest-grossing movie out of the entire franchise.

There appears to be a second movie for Ah Girls Go Army.

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